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Replacement Blades for Concrete Trowels, Lawn and Garden Tillers, Slit Seeders, Aerators ... and much more!
Aerator Tines, Trowel Blades, Tiller Blades, Slit Seeder Blades, & More.

Savings - Why pay more for your tool maintenance costs? At Replacement Blades, we specialize in just that. Don’t pay factory pricing, when you can buy direct from us for much less.

Convenience - Not only will we save you money; but we can also provide you with all of your needs. There's no need to shop several locations to get your replacement blades. Let us take care of your entire order.

Quality - Replacement blades are all we do. We take great pride in providing you the highest quality products on the market. All blades are guaranteed to meet or exceed the manufacturer's specifications.

Service - At this company your satisfaction is important to us. We strive to meet and exceed your expectations. Please let us know how we can better meet your needs.

Brand Names - Wagman trowel blades, Kraft blades, Whiteman trowel blades, Multi-quip floats


It's easy to place an order. Call toll free, fax, or email your order. (catalog) (order form)

"The aerator tines you sent me worked great. I can't believe how much I've saved using your tines. I just wished I had discovered your company years ago!" Jim Moore -- Grand Rental Station

"The slit seeder blades, replacement tiller blades, and replacement concrete floats were excellent quality, low cost, and delivered incredibly fast!!!" Mike Newing -- Vision Landscaping- Patios, Pavers, Fireplaces, & more. Charlotte, NC.

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